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Forsaken-Farmers Currency FAQs

Currency Mini Facts and Questions

The following mini FAQ is full of useful tips and important information, so please take the time to read it. If you have any other questions afterwards please contact us and we'll be glad to help.


What is currency and how does this all work?

Some games call their currency gold, ISK, Gil, platinum or some other name but it's the in-game money used to purchase items, food/water, weapons, armor or some other type of upgrades. Every game normally has some type of in-game currency use to purchase such in-game items.

Instead of you spending weeks or months trying to farm the currency, sites like ours have it readily available for you. You can come to our site and purchase the amount you require and we'll normally have it delivered to you within a few minutes.

Is there any risk to my account when buying currency?

Some games do not allow in their user agreements the sell of virtual goods such as in-game currency and if caught selling, they will take disciplinary action. Usually the game companies only take action on the accounts that sell the in-game currency. But you are contributing to the breaking of the user agreement and so it is possible they could take disciplinary action. This is extremely rare probably less then .01% for a buyer to have their account suspended or closed.

Do you farm the gold when I make a purchase or do you have it in stock?

This is a pretty long and complicated question, so short answer. No, we do not farm the gold per order and yes we have the gold in stock.

Now the long answer is a few years ago many websites would farm the gold and owned their own workshops. But as the industry grew and demand became too great and the old model could no longer support demand and the standard wholesale / retail industry grew.

Now most reputable online virtual goods retailers and service providers, like us depend on the wholesale market to meet the demand. It's much like produce in your grocery store. Farmers grow the food and then sell it to retailers and the retailers then sell the goods to their customers.

How long does it take to get my currency after I purchased it?

We recommend prior to making a purchase to contact our currency Live Support staff to check if we have the quantity you are looking to purchase available. If you did purchase prior to checking it's ok, just contact our staff now and check on availability and setup delivery. In most cases, it only takes us an hour or so to get the order ready for delivery and all of this can be taken care of while you speak with us on Live Support.

How do you deliver the currency to me?

In most cases while you are speaking to us on Live Support, we will be contacting one of our suppliers and have them meet you in-game and complete a face to face trade. Some games we can safely mail the currency but in most cases, it will be a face to face trade so there is no mistake.

Are there any tips you recommend at making the purchase as safe as possible?

Sure there are a few things we've learned that can really help putting your account at risk.

1. Don't have the gold traded to your main account. If you have an alt account or an account you can have the currency traded to first. That would be the best way to do it, this way your main account is never at risk.

2. Never buy currency if you just had a powerleveling service completed or currently having a powerleveling on going. The sharing of your account is enough risk and adding another rule breaking offense could cause your account to be suspended or closed.

3. If you are about to purchase a powerleveling service, then it's best to not buy gold and just wait till after the powerleveling has been complete. It would be horrible, if you bought currency and then during the powerleveling your account was closed. You also put your account at more risk again because you are combining multiple offenses.

The above are a few suggestion and if followed can really help reduce the risk to your account when purchasing currency.

What is your currency cancellation and refund policy?

You are welcome to cancel your currency order at anytime and be refund for any undelivered portion of the order. We also reserve the right to cancel your order at anytime for any reason and we will refund you for any undelivered portion.

Is there any risk in buying large quantities of currency?

We do not know of any added risk in buying currency in large amounts, but we do recommend moderation. It does break the games user agreements and yet is unlikely anything would happen, it's best to always deal in moderation.

Why is your delivery person asking for the gold back?

Our delivery staff will NOT ask for the currency back and if they do please report it as it is a scam! We will never ask for you to give us currency back after delivering it to you. Even if we give you too much it is yours and is normally a bonus.
Should you be tricked by this scam, we are sorry but we do not redeliver currency and all deliveries are finial and no refunds or exchanges will be given. So please do not be tricked by this scam as now you know the truth and it is a scam not an employee asking for currency back.

Do you redeliver currency if the gold is removed from my account?

No, sorry we do not. This is why we only offer face 2 face trades, this way we know you received the currency.