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Buy AION (US) Kinah
Step 1 - Choose Server

Start by choosing your server:


Step 2 - Enter or Select Desired Quantity

If you'd like to enter a custom quantity for your order, you can do so below.

Click on Calculate to get the total price:


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Or you can always pick one of our pre-defined quantities:

500,000,000 Kinah$0.00
400,000,000 Kinah$0.00
300,000,000 Kinah$0.00
200,000,000 Kinah$0.00
100,000,000 Kinah$0.00
50,000,000 Kinah$0.00
10,000,000 Kinah$0.00

Step 3 - Checkout

When you are ready to checkout, click Add to Cart for the amount of Kinah you wish to purchase. After completing payment please contact our Live Support staff to pickup your order.